How To Combine Carb-Cycling & Intermittent Fasting For Maximum Fat Burn

This free guide presents the latest bodybuilding science and nutrition to help you reduce fat, build lean muscle, and feel abundant energy.

Hi, I’m Arman Eckelbarger

That’s me at 57 years old placing FIRST in the entire country at the Masters Nationals Bodybuilding competition.

 Guys ask me all the time, “Arman, what’s your secret?”
And it’s simply this: I combined Vince Gironda’s golden-era principles with modern nutritional science to create the ultimate diet for bodybuilders.
Diet is KEY if you want strong, lean muscles and less fat.
And the details of this diet can be found in this FREE GUIDE… which explains how to use carb-cycling and intermittent fasting for maximum fat burn.
It took me 35 years as an age-management expert, weight loss consultant, and personal trainer to figure this out. But I’m sharing these secrets with you so you can:

In This Free Guide, You Will Discover:

We’ll dive into all of this and more in my new free guide…

“How To Combine Carb-Cycling & Intermittent Fasting For Maximum Fat Burn”

Plus, I’ve added a few special surprises for Vince Gironda fans…

Vince Gironda says “Bodybuilding is 80% Nutrition.”

Vince Gironda says “Bodybuilding is 80% Nutrition.”

And I couldn’t agree more…
Guys like Vince Gironda are the reason I got into bodybuilding in the first place.
That’s why our team at NSP Nutrition scoured through hundreds of research papers and Vince’s personal writings to unmask his most powerful muscle-building, fat-burning formulas… which I reveal in this guide.
In this guide, you’ll receive Vince’s most effective bodybuilding supplement recommendations!
You’ll discover the secret behind Vince’s original formulations designed to create the perfect physique.
As early pioneer of the low-carb, high-fat diet, Vince believed the right foods should be combined with the most natural, nutrient-dense ingredients your body needs to look, move and feel amazing.

It’s Never Too Late To Achieve
The Physique Of Your Dreams


Age has nothing to do with reaching peak performance…
All it takes are a few simple changes to the foods you eat.
That’s why you’ll get a 3-phase nutrition plan you can follow for the next 30 days that kick-starts your fat-burning metabolism… and fills your body with sustained energy.
When you deliver the right nutrients at the right time… you’ll feel an immediate difference in your overall health.
It took me decades to find the perfect diet to do this… and while at first, I noticed a huge difference in my own personal performance… I quickly realized this plan worked for the thousands of clients I trained at my gym.
There was Vince…. 42 years old… who lost 18 lbs and 9 inches off his waistline after following my plan…

Philip who at 65 years old, lost 17 pounds to join his buddies on a trip of a lifetime…

And there was Drew… a 53-year old Dad who lost an incredible 37 pounds and dropped 2 pants sizes after following the plan you’re about to receive.

These guys replaced fat with lean muscle.

But they also reported faster recovery, longer endurance, and sustained energy.
It’s like they got their old mojo back!
And you can do the same by following the instructions laid out in this guide.
So if you’re having trouble losing weight… feel exhausted all the time… or simply want to elevate your fitness game…
I urge you to take advantage of this FREE guide to accelerate your progress.
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